Making Your Business Work on the Web

A strong, professional internet presence is an important part of any enterprise today. Whether you represent a commercial, institutional, or non-profit organization, you can benefit from consolidating your business processes to operate as much as possible through the internet.

I can help you streamline your business to automate as much of it as possible to work through the web. You and your clients benefit though increased efficiency, clear processes, and a lot of saved time.


I consult on and provide technical implementation of internet services.

Strategic Planning and Situation Analysis

Strategic planning for the best way to integrate your business and the internet. We'll look at branding, web sites, business process, e-commerce, systems integration, social networking, domain names, SEO, internet marketing, analytics, security, client relationship management, identity management, content management, email addresses, lists, and newsletters ... and more! Situation analysis simply involves evaluating where you now stand on these matters, and where the critical issues are.

Web Site Design

Special Applications

Web Hosting

Internet Security

Digital Multimedia

Holistic Web Design

Reinventing Your Business for the Web

A good website improves the way you interact with those you wish to reach. A superb website transforms the way you work. It lets you do more, better. That's the kind of website I'll help you build. There are many things to consider. We'll be working together on all of these:

Brand Identification

Your organization or business has an style and an image, a subtextual message to convey in everything you do. Your website must match this: in content, language, visual style, and user interface.

Information Architecture

Web sites are typically "about" something-- usually many things. Typically this includes your products, your staff, your clients-- any entity related to your business. The charactistics and relationships of these entities form the informational structure of your site. Its architecture forms the basis of your operations on the web, and shapes the user experience.

Business Process Design

You have particular goals in mind for your web site. It needs to accomplish some particular goals. Typically these processes implement business processes for your organization. For example leading a potential customer to your site, helping them find a product they want, and selling it to them through e-commerce mechanisms.

Content Strategy

What content do you (and your audiences) need? How will you create and manage it? How to ensure it fits your brand and is easily found (SEO).

Special Functions and Systems Integration

The best web sites bring your unique offerings to the web. This can mean implementing special functions that only exist on your site. It might also mean integrating with the non-web-based software and data you use to run your business.